Tuesday, September 8, 2009

7 1/2 months old.

Yes, its been THAT long since I've blogged. Time just gets away from you when you have a baby. I can't believe Savannah is going to be 8 months old on the 24th. She's getting so much personality, and she's quite serious. It takes alot to get her to laugh, but when she does it just melts your heart. She is my whole entire world.... I thought I loved her in the beginning, but I never even knew this much love existed. She is amazing, in every sense! She's still just a bitty thing (not even 13 pounds yet), so she isn't quite sitting up on her own yet. But then again, why would she want to when all she wants is mommy to hold her all day long?? I'm making her baby food, which is so much fun... and so fun to see her reactions to different foods. Squash is by FAR her favorite, she kicks and screams in between bites if you don't feed it to her fast enough. And her least favorite is probably her carrots and avocado. She's becoming well traveled already, and has been on a plane twice now this summer... both times to Southern California, and then also on her first family vacation to the Russian River.

As for myself, I'm back to work, part time. Thank you Jesus!! I only work 2 days/week, which works out perfectly. And we are blessed to have my mom and sister watch her while I work. I wouldn't trust anyone else to have her, and am so so beyond thankful that she doesn't have to experience childcare! So on my days off I stay home with her, or we go to the gym or out shopping. (such a hard life!) ;-) I'm already starting to plan her 1st birthday party... it amazes me how soon she'll be one. Bobby is working hard for us, allowing me to be a mostly stay-at-home mommy... which is my dream.