Thursday, May 5, 2011

Forks in the Road

I have had some pretty amazing friendships in my life... but I've learned that friends come and go.... people grow apart, life takes you in different directions. I have also learned that besides God, family is #1. I have to say that I am blessed to have a truly amazing family... I depend on them, I love them, they're my whole world. I can't say that I wouldn't be who I am without them... because, yes, they've helped shape me. Yes, they've helped guide me. Yes, they've given me the morals and the groundwork to build my life on. I've made my fair share of mistakes in my 29 years... some small, some big. My family has always been there through it all for me. I am stubborn and entirely too independent. But the truth is, that God is the one that has made me who I am.... I've always known right and wrong, truth from lies.... God gives us this amazing thing, Free Will. Amazing and horrible at the same time? lol Because of my free will, I've made choices and mistakes in my life, and dealt with the consequences because of MY own free will. Somehow God always manages to bring me back to Him though (thankfully).
Tonight I am thankful for the family He has blessed me with.
Tonight I am thankful for my friendships:
Like I said... I've had my fair share of friendships... good and bad. I think the friends you choose to let into your life affects you in more ways than you'll ever know. Again, lessons learned. I have some pretty amazing women in my life right now... I feel like God placed me where I am in perfect timing (of course). I have been at a dead end, no no... I take that back. I had reached a fork in the road of life. Only my sign had more than just two options, it had all kinds of options. (forgiveness, anger, hurt, content, breakthrough, me, God, peace, stress, worry...) the list goes on. One of those crazy signs like a cartoon sign.... part of me content with being where I'm at in life... part of me wanting so so much more. So I took this leap of faith... out of my comfort zone, the harder but more rewarding choice in my journey. I started walking. I am still walking... not walking, I am running. I have more peace then I've felt in YEARS. I have more joy than I've had in YEARS. I'm learning more about myself, I'm learning to open up, I'm learning to forgive, I'm learning to lean on God more than anything, I'm learning to love no matter what, I'm learning to be a stronger and better person... for myself, my husband, my daughter, my family, my friends. These friendships in my life right now are a major incredible blessing. They aren't like any friendships I've had before. They are here to walk my journey with me, to pray with me, to encourage me, to listen to me, to make me laugh and be there when I cry. I am thankful. I am so very very thankful tonight.
I am excited to see where God is taking me, because right now I feel on fire for Him. And it feels so good... its been entirely too long since I've felt this.