Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whew how time has flown by

So its been over 8 months since I last blogged. Thought, what the heck, might as well blog another. I don't know if anyone looks at these, but they sure can help pass time... or get things off your mind!

Savannah will be TWO, TWO! Can you believe it?? In less than a month. I am flabbergasted by how fast the time has literally flow by. I feel like we just had her 1st birthday party, and here I am planning the next (which, if you know me well enough, you know I've been planning this party for MONTHS now). And let me tell you *whoever 'you' may be*, she is one stubborn little girl who is definetely coming into her prime of the whopping two's. Don't get me wrong, she is a very sweet little girl (no longer a baby people tell me... even though she is always my baby), she listens very well (ok ok 80% of the time.. but thats still good, right?!).. she is polite and says/signs please and thank you for everything (signing by the way, is amazing.. she does TONS of signs). She's just starting to show lots of personality, and like her mommy and daddy, that includes stubborness and a hot little temper. But what did we expect?? If she doesn't get what she wants, she screams. (daddy says 'huh, just like her mommy' ?!?!?!) Sooo, we're working on that. =) She really is a good baby though, I don't have alot to complain about. She's a total mommys girl still, which I adore. She talks like crazy!! She's so very smart (I know, every parents says/thinks that, but really... really... she is).

What else is new?? Bobby is working for my dads construction company and loves it. And I love that he's not completely cluess about fixing things anymore (although I must admit, I still get nervous when he wants to repair something in our house!). It'll be almost a year since he's been there... and couldn't be happier. So much more so than he was at Schwans (I do miss the discounted food though). I'm still at Mercy, on the same floor, working part time still *think I always will*.
Life is good....
Thats my lil update. =)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love of my life

Just a quick update on my quirky little girl!! It is April now, she will be 15 months on the 24th. She is walking, has been for over a month now.... ALL over the place. She thinks she is hott stuff now. I think so far this is my favorite stage, we go bike riding on the river trail, we play at the park, she follows me around all over the place, she blows kisses and is such a snuggle-bug. I love it. She has SO much personality, she is going to be a stubborn little thing... but she is such a good baby, she listens to 'no' very well.
Her Papa and her Mimi she just adores... she kisses their picture all the time, and gets so excited when we get to see them, have dinner with them, or when her Mimi gets to watch her! She toddles after her cousins, Cole and Carter, all the time when she gets to stay with her Auntie... and they just love her.
I can't wait for this summer... pool time, vacation with the family, the beach, she's going to love it!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

1st Birthday Party!

I'm a little behind!! Savannah is now 13 months old... I had said I would post pictures of her birthday party. So here I am, a month late, but doing it! =) Her party was a huge success... the entire week of her birthday I was crazy busy getting everything together, organized, baked, decorated.... it was a blast. I couldn't have done it without my mom and her help and her gorgeous dishes and server-ware that I got to borrow. Thank you Mimi!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, our baby girl is turning one in 8 days! I can't even believe its been a year. It has gone by so fast... what happened to the nightly round the clock, every 1 1/2 hours of feedings? What happened to my mom zonked on the couch with the baby in the moses basket next to her so I could get a couple straight hours of sleep? What happened to having a housefull of family and loved ones helping with this little bity 6 pound baby girl? I have SO many amazing memories from this year. Savannah has changed my world, my heart, my life... all for the better. And everyday she gets more personality and is more stubborn and hot-headed (just like her mommy and daddy). But everyday she would be content to just sit on my lap and snuggle and giggle and give kisses... she's my everything. She's starting to sign more and more... we've been working on signing for 6 months now. Everyone tells me they start signing back around 12-18 months. The other day we got home, and our Chihuahua came running up to her and she said 'doggie' and signed 'dog' perfectly!!! She is so smart!!

We're planning her birthday party for next sunday, on her actual birthday. And I'm so excited. I've been planning it for months now, and this week have been running around like a mad woman trying to get all the details in order. Pictures will be posted after the big event!!!