Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love of my life

Just a quick update on my quirky little girl!! It is April now, she will be 15 months on the 24th. She is walking, has been for over a month now.... ALL over the place. She thinks she is hott stuff now. I think so far this is my favorite stage, we go bike riding on the river trail, we play at the park, she follows me around all over the place, she blows kisses and is such a snuggle-bug. I love it. She has SO much personality, she is going to be a stubborn little thing... but she is such a good baby, she listens to 'no' very well.
Her Papa and her Mimi she just adores... she kisses their picture all the time, and gets so excited when we get to see them, have dinner with them, or when her Mimi gets to watch her! She toddles after her cousins, Cole and Carter, all the time when she gets to stay with her Auntie... and they just love her.
I can't wait for this summer... pool time, vacation with the family, the beach, she's going to love it!!!