Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, our baby girl is turning one in 8 days! I can't even believe its been a year. It has gone by so fast... what happened to the nightly round the clock, every 1 1/2 hours of feedings? What happened to my mom zonked on the couch with the baby in the moses basket next to her so I could get a couple straight hours of sleep? What happened to having a housefull of family and loved ones helping with this little bity 6 pound baby girl? I have SO many amazing memories from this year. Savannah has changed my world, my heart, my life... all for the better. And everyday she gets more personality and is more stubborn and hot-headed (just like her mommy and daddy). But everyday she would be content to just sit on my lap and snuggle and giggle and give kisses... she's my everything. She's starting to sign more and more... we've been working on signing for 6 months now. Everyone tells me they start signing back around 12-18 months. The other day we got home, and our Chihuahua came running up to her and she said 'doggie' and signed 'dog' perfectly!!! She is so smart!!

We're planning her birthday party for next sunday, on her actual birthday. And I'm so excited. I've been planning it for months now, and this week have been running around like a mad woman trying to get all the details in order. Pictures will be posted after the big event!!!

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