Thursday, January 22, 2009

The way God works..

Just a thought on one of the mysterious ways God works. Our little girl is due to arrive any day now... while we were told today that they don't think my great grandma will make it through the day. At tops this weekend. It seems like God often takes one of His out of this world, while at the same time gracing us with another. As a replacement? I don't know... Just kinda funny how it works. Maybe it will help ease the pain for my grandma, losing her mother of 93 years but gaining a grand-child. My great-gramma has had a very rough year... she's been in and out of the hospital almost all last year, just old age got the best of her. She's lived a very long, very blessed life. And there is no doubt where she is going. She is the kind of woman that, for as long as I can remember, wore her 'Jesus' pin and would ask random strangers if they knew Jesus and had Him in their lives, and continue to witness to them. The kind of woman that when horrible things would happen, or scary things have happened to her.... she would just tell you when you asked how she got through it. 'I just prayed... and I knew I was safe' is what she would tell you. I could never explain her 150% committment and love for her God, she is probably the only woman I've met in my entire life that you just feel God's love through. She radiates Him! So I have a peace with her dying.... it's been a long year for her, and she gets to go Home now. I just want my grandma to be ok and be able to let her go...
My sister got to talk to her for a minute today and said that she thinks God is taking her mom and blessing our family with Savannah at the same time for a reason..... God always has a reason.
I'm curious to see when Savannah will be born and my great-grandma will be taken home....

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